DVD101 Great Welsh Tries

Format: PAL
Region: 2
Number of discs: 1 - 100 mins
DVD Release Date: February 2007
Price: From £3.99

Compilation of some of the best tries in Welsh rugby. Presented by Welsh legends Clive Rowlands and Robert Jones, this DVD looks back over the illustrious history of Welsh rugby to find the 125 greatest ever Welsh tries. The tries are split into ten categories ranging from 'Flying 15s' to 'Halfback Heroes', and also includes 'Gareth's Glory', a section dedicated to the greatest tries scored by Wales' most famous son, the mighty Gareth Edwards.

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DVDBill McLaren – Rugby At Its Best

Format: PAL
Region: 2
Number of discs: 1 - 63 mins
DVD Release Date: November 2002
Price: From £10.87

After 50 years of commentating, Bill McLaren can rightly be called the 'voice of rugby'. On this DVD, he shares his memories of the many great games and teams that he has seen alongside several of the great players over the years.

User Review: Rugby at its best is unique in what its brings to the screen. Bill's great, masterful, colourful voice highlights the great sporting moments over his time at the B.B.C. The disc is divided up into seven great segments in which the best rugby players are reviewed and their best moments captured for all time. In the last chapter Bill, highlights that through all the great games he has commentated on through out the years, he enjoyed every moment of every Scottish win, as he would have loved to be on the pitch every time, they won, or beat the english at rugby.

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DVDThe All Blacks – Inside The All Blacks

Format: PAL
Region: 2
Number of discs: 1 - 51 mins
DVD Release Date: August 2007
Price: From £3.93

This candid documentary takes you inside one of the world’s greatest rugby teams – New Zealand’s All Blacks. Tracing the history of the team and profiling the players’ culture, this documentary ultimately highlights the reasons why the team has ascertained legendary status.  Hear personal accounts from past All Blacks about what it meant to wear the silver fern. This DVD will make a great gift for any All Black fan or rugby fan in general. It is more shot as a documentary though, so if you want to see lots of action and tries this may not be for you.

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DVDThe Essential English Rugby Collection

Format: PAL
Region: 2
Number of discs: 5 - 480 mins
DVD Release Date: November 2007
Price: From £5.00

Features classic English rugby action. Includes Grand Slam and World Cup winning action.

User Review: A good value box set, watch out what else you buy at the same time, it may already be in the box set, like 101 best English tries for example, Amazon automatically recommended that I purchase it as an extra! It is already in there. Maybe buy this first on its own. Worth Having.

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DVDInside England Rugby – Sweet Chariot 2

Format: PAL
Region: All
Number of discs: 1
DVD Release Date: September 2007
Price: From £5.93

Four years ago England won the 2003 Rugby World Cup Final amid dramatic scenes in the last minute of extra time. Since that famous evening in Sydney it has been a long and sometimes tough journey as England have sought to recapture that winning form, ready for the 2007 RWC in France. With three home wins in this year's RBS 6 Nations Tournament, including an excellent victory over eventual champions France in March, England are beginning to recapture the form needed to mount a credible bid to defend their title at this year's Rugby World Cup.

Now, for the first time on DVD, from the 3rd September 2007 - the day England arrive in France - fans will be able to get an incredible, behind the scenes insight of how the team's preparations have come together.

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