DVDSix of the Best Australia’s Greatest Victories DVD

Format: NTSC
Region: 1
Number of discs: 1
Playtime: 92 mins
Price (excluding discounts, sales, or 2nd hand): $29.95

This DVD takes a look at 6 of Australia's Greatest Rugby Union victories! Watch as John Eales seals the 2001 Tri Nations tournament, the outstanding lock that could bang winning goals in the final minutes of a game. Watch George Gregan in his prime. Let’s look at the story of the Wallabies, a bunch of over achievers doing stuff that nobody is supposed to do. This team full of players not meant to be the standard of the All Blacks, English or Spring Boks, taking not one, but two World Cup victories. This DVD is essentials for any Aussie rugby fans…any Aussie really.

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